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5 R&D Technology Trends for 2022

Posted on October 21, 2021

Profound investment in ground-breaking technology such as AI and 5G are predicted to break through into the Technology markets in 2022. R&D investment by organizations will define and shape our modern society, to help businesses reconnect with partners and consumers in the future. 

It has been suggested by Gartner, that by 2023, 75% of organizations that invest in the area of Tech will see revenue growth 25% faster than their competitors. In this report, we will be concluding the top R&D Technology Trends for 2022 to give you a head start.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is projected to become the most transformative technology that humanity has ever developed. The opportunities with AI are endless, with “Its impact will be even greater than that of fire or electricity on our development as a species.” – Google CEO Sundar Pichai. It has already been used to explore outer space, tackle climate change and develop life-changing medical treatments which are all proof that the development of AI can not be eluded. 

AI will develop to make it possible for decision-making to take place, far more quickly and accurately than what is possible from the human race. 2022 is projected to be a turning point in pushing the boundaries of what is possible with it. Natural language modelling, AI Cybersecurity, Low or No-Code AI development, hyper-automation and healthcare AI are all examples of areas that will all grow within the industry. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud-Native Platforms (CPC’s) are forecasted to be the future of on-demand data storage as a response to rapid digital change, hence why more businesses are investing in this type of R&D Technology projects. More computing power, with no need for direct active management and effortless stability, is essential for businesses that are looking to maximise scalability and seize opportunities. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud are just a few examples of dominating cloud computing platforms, making it easier for businesses to invest in cloud infrastructure. 

Improved data storage will leverage businesses, expanding their capabilities with Multi-Cloud storage, increased resilience and lower costs, with Edge computing on the rise. This technique will create an extensive range of new opportunities for organizations to utilize new computing power and advances, making it beneficial for businesses to invest in R&D Technology. In terms of Cloud Security, advancements in this area will include new disaster recovery plans, with organizations taking advantage of highly available new solutions to attacks such as malicious Ransomware. Edge computing and hyper-convergence will allow businesses to keep up with never-ending customer demands and develop effective cyber defences and backup. 

5G Infrastructure

The development and usage of 5G will reshape and transform both our personal and professional lives. The 5th generation mobile network following from 4G will connect everyone virtually, including machines, devices and objects. 5G is projected to become even more prominent in 2022; with higher speeds, devices will get quicker and be able to transfer and receive more information than ever before. 5G is up to 100 times faster than 4G, with ultra-low latency and greater bandwidth, which will dramatically enhance day-to-day life, bringing with it new e-health, connected vehicles and advanced mobile gaming opportunities. 

Sustainable Energy Solutions & Green Tech

2022 will see a sharp rise in sustainable energy solutions and Green Technology, with plans to pivot the world into a net-zero state, advancements in greener transport, renewable energy, energy-efficient buildings and water consumption will be in full force. The disruption of these ground-breaking innovations can be felt across many industries, with emerging technologies helping us to live in a sustainable society leveraging the top technology trends for 2022. 

Wastewater electricity generation, AI agricultural devices, accurate weather reporting, energy-harvesting materials, electric cars and smart cities are some examples of leading Research & Development projects surrounding sustainable energy and Green Tech. Consumer patterns will place focus on brand value and responsibility, meaning that sustainable technology will be more needed than ever. A business’s transparency surrounding its social values and attitude towards climate change, conserving resources and diversity will penetrate the market, leveraging sustainable R&D innovation to full force.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR)

Virtual Reality is predicted to become even more accessible in 2022, with it having many uses. With commercial use of the technology exploding due to it being used by tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, it is clear that the development of VR and AR across numerous industries is more than apparent. 

From giving customers a try-on experience to interior design concepts, Augmented Reality is a promising technology trend. Covid-19 accelerated possibilities with this technology, with customers unable to walk into stores to purchase goods, AR opens endless possibilities for contactless shopping. Improved accuracy, precision and ability to change the real world has increased its customer appeal, for both entertainment and practical uses.

To conclude, R&D Technology Innovations will shape the modern world, offering efficient, ground-breaking and effective solutions to many problems that we face today, ranging from climate change to customer behavioural changes. 

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