At Green Jellyfish, we specialise in R&D Tax Credits

Our team of Research & Development Tax Specialists prepare and submit R&D claims, meaning we’re true specialists in the field.

What is R&D

You're in expert hands

Our R&D team are not only here to net you the maximum possible claim but also make the process as simple as possible.

Whether you have never heard of R&D Tax Credits or you claim it already, our expert team will be able to assist you by providing an unbeatable service.

Build a relationship with our team

We’ll meet you face-to-face (or talk over the phone if that’s more convenient for you) and ensure we truly understand your business, its challenges and ambitions before we begin the process.

We create a genuine working relationship built on trust and understanding. So, when we work with you, we know everything has been taken into account, not only for maximising the claim but understanding your business needs.

Innovate, invest and grow your business

Just a simple meeting and conversation about your business helps us to assess if you can qualify for an R&D claim; the best part is, an initial claim is completely free. We only take our fee once your deal is through.

The only question is, what will you do with your refund?

How does it all work?

A free consultation

A face-to-face meeting, telephone or video call to discuss your business and identify if you’re eligible to claim.

We gather
the info

We gather a few bits and pieces so that we can tell you how much your claim could be worth.

We compile
& submit

Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, we compile all the necessary documentation, crunch the numbers and submit your claim.

You receive
your refund

Once we’ve submitted the claim, you should receive your cash refund within 2-6 weeks.

On our

When the time comes, we’ll be in touch to submit your next claim!

See how we can help your business

There are a couple of ways we can contact you. We will usually begin with a conversation over the phone or a Zoom call; however, we can meet you face-to-face if that is your preferred option. These meetings are free and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed.

Get in touch

Let’s talk about your R&D Claim