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Case Study: Care Home Receives £134,000 Tax Refund

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A residential care home near Newcastle.



As if often the case with the care sector, a range of unrelated activities qualified for the scheme.


Following a conversation with the client, we quickly identified the following as being eligible:


Development of a new system to store resident data and improve internal processes

Kitchen staff developed a range of new dishes to improve the variety available to those with special dietary requirements

New method to develop ultra-specific care plans



Each of these projects presented the business with uncertainties. There was no guarantee that any of the proposed projects would succeed.


Overcoming Uncertainty

Through a process of trial and error, the business was able to make each of these projects a success. The care home had invested a great deal of time and money into these projects, fortunately, thanks to the government scheme, a proportion of this could be claimed back.


It’s important to note that this claim could still have been made even if the projects were not successful.


Total Business Benefit

Cash refund of £134,138.29.


With nothing to lose and potentially thousands of pounds to gain, why not check your eligibility today?


We don’t want you to miss out, so we urge you to check your eligibility today (it takes just a few minutes). If you’re eligible, great! If not, then at least you have the peace of mind of knowing that you explored the possibility.


Find out how much you could claim by using our handy R&D Calculator!