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About Green Jellyfish

We are Green Jellyfish, an established R&D consultancy company. We are committed to helping businesses grow and succeed by being smarter about their finances.

We support clients across a broad spectrum of different sectors, working with the smallest start-ups right through to multi-national corporations.

Many businesses engage in some form of innovation every day but don’t realise that it could be eligible for the Government’s Research & Development Tax Credit scheme. That’s where we step in, helping companies to realise their potential and unlock thousands in savings.

R&D Experts

Although the R&D Scheme has been in place since 2000, countless companies don’t know they could be eligible for significant Corporation Tax relief. At Green Jellyfish, our primary role is to raise awareness for this amazing innovation scheme so that our expert R&D tax credit team can advise clients accordingly.

The Green Jellyfish team is highly skilled in the art of creating R&D claims, knowing exactly what does and does not qualify. Our proactive approach and thorough team training are key to how we support our clients and grow as a business.

Our Current Opportunities

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Work with us

Here at Green Jellyfish, we like to think of our work as more than just a job. By joining the team, you choose to embark on an exciting career journey. We offer development opportunities to all our staff as we look to improve and grow not just as a company but as a community. Looking for a fulfilling career? Take the next step and reach out to us through our convenient contact form. Alternatively, you can set up a direct connection by emailing us at recruitment@greenjellyfish.co.uk, or even giving us a call at 01603 385406. Don’t wait and kickstart your new career journey today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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