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Case Study: Care Home Receives £33,246 Tax Refund

Posted on November 11, 2020


A Limited company owning a handful of care homes across Norfolk. 


The care sector is renowned for its range of claimable activities, from bespoke care plans to systems. This was the case for the company in question – who were trying to improve their care homes through their own innovations.  

A few of the claimable activities included: 

  • Creating their own furniture, doors and tables 
  • Developing their own system to hold a database of their residents  
  • Making new meals based on their client’s needs
  • Bespoke care plans


Each of these activities present an uncertainty because there is no guarantee that each project will be successful. This uncertainty qualifies the company to make an R&D claim.

Overcoming Uncertainty

Each project involved trial and error, with some failures along the way. The care home group managed to make each one of the projects a great success, though it’s important to note that even if these projects were failures, they would still have been eligible for R&D tax relief.

Needless to say, these projects cost no small sum of money. The high cost of these projects however, meant that the company had a large R&D claim on their hands. They were unaware of the R&D tax credit scheme just two months prior to us submitting a claim so they were pleasantly surprised by the refund we were able to secure for them.

The company were so pleased with the result that they have stated they will use us to submit their R&D claims on a yearly basis.

Total Business Benefit

In total, we were able to claim back a whopping £33,246 back for the care home company. We look forward to helping them claim for their future innovations!

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