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Case Study: CNC Machining Company Receives £72,201.08 Tax Refund

Posted on October 2, 2020


A CNC machining company near Norwich.

Following a conversation with the client, we quickly identified that the company was undertaking projects that qualified under the scheme. They were regularly creating and experimenting with prototypes and have spent a significant amount of time attempting to integrate different materials to create perfect products.


With almost every engineering project, there is an element of uncertainty. The research & development tax credit scheme rewards business’s that invest time and money into overcoming these uncertainties.

Overcoming Uncertainty

The company succeeded in achieving what they set out to create but not before a significant amount of trial and error. Thanks to the under-utilised government scheme, a proportion of staff wages, material costs and all other costs relating to the project were claimed back and enhanced by HMRC.

It’s important to note that this claim could still have been made even if the projects were not successful.

Total Business Benefit

Cash refund of £72,201.08.

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