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R&D Tax Credit Partner Programme for Accountants

R&D Tax Credit Partner Programme for Accountants

Add value and increase client loyalty by partnering with an R&D tax specialist. We are driven to provide exceptional service and achieve the best possible outcome. Our partnership programme benefits everyone – you, us and most importantly, your clients.

At Green Jellyfish, our is to help businesses thrive by maximising the R&D claim value for their innovations.

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The R&D Tax Credit Partner Programme for Accountants allows you to put some money back into your client’s bank account, something we guarantee they will thank you for! One of our committed R&D Consultants will keep you updated throughout the process of the claim to ensure everything is prepared correctly – this is crucial to receiving the maximum possible refund. 

Our R&D Consultants are highly specialised and know exactly what qualifies and what doesn’t. Working with Green Jellyfish as a partner will reward not only you but your clients also. 

The Process

  • Refer any clients to us that you suspect may qualify for R&D
  • We will get in touch with the client and book a free, no-obligation consultation
  • We will then collate all the information and construct a technical write up for submission to HMRC
  • Wait for the refund arrive (usually no longer than 6 weeks)
  • You will then receive your Partner Accountant commission

How do we Partner with Accountancy Firms?

1. Understanding You

Initially, we look to understand you as a business, how you operate and what your goals are. We aim to build a friendly, long-lasting relationship with you and your team. To maintain this mutually beneficial relationship we suggest holding regular meetings to discuss the progress of ongoing cases and any upcoming opportunities. 

Our team of research & development tax experts will advise you on how to spot clients that are conducting research and development – this will benefit both us and you as it means no time will be wasted referring businesses that aren’t eligible for R&D.

2. Helping your clients

After you have referred a client to us, our specialists will take their time to identify every cost that qualifies under the scheme. This means we maximise every claim we submit to HMRC.

This can work two ways – we can have a phone call with yourselves on behalf of the client, or you can provide us with their details so that we can liaise with them to identify what R&D activities they might be doing. If you are in contact with us regarding your client’s information, please make certain that you have their permission to share financial details with us first.

3. Staying in contact

It is our duty to ensure that you stay informed about the progress of your client’s R&D tax claim.

We will keep you updated and provide you with regular reports detailing the progress with each of your referrals and the income you’ve earned.

Ensuring that you are satisfied with our service is one of our top priorities.

4. Keeping you educated

To make sure that no time is wasted referring clients to us who wouldn’t qualify for R&D tax credits, we will remain proactive and continue to assist you in identifying referral opportunities.

You will have access to call our Specialists, and we can provide you with any assistance or guidance you may need at any given time.

We will provide you with resources to support you when understanding R&D, including a presentation folder with a company brochure and flyer containing information about our R&D services.

5. Your Reward

It wouldn’t be a partners scheme, without mutual reward. You will be rewarded with a percentage of our fee as a thank you from Green Jellyfish.

Working together as partners, will benefit both yours and our clients’ businesses. It saves you the task of creating and submitting the claim, plus rewards you at the same time.

Everyone wins – you’ll have the enjoyment of knowing your clients are being rewarded for their investments in innovations.


Want to know more? Contact our team today and see how much your claim could be worth!

How we can help you:

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