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R&D Tax Credits Calculator

Easily calculate how much your R&D tax credit claim is worth today.

On this page, you can calculate the value of your Research & Development tax credits claim. If you spend money creating or improving products or services, you’re probably eligible for an innovation tax refund. 

Calculate how much your research and development claim could be worth by using our R&D tax credits calculator. 

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Calculator for R&D Tax Credits

What is your current financial position?

Annually, how much do you spend on innovation?

Spend includes staff and consumable items (materials, electricity, component parts etc.)


We estimate your claim to be worth:


(This figure may vary depending on your actual reported figures - our R&D tax credit calculator is intended as a guide only.)

Sample R&D calculations:

Profit-making SME with £50,000 innovation spend:

£50,000 x 130% Expenditure Enhancement = £65,000

£65,000 (Enhanced Expenditure Value) x 19% Corporation Tax = £12,350

Loss-making SME with £50,000 innovation spend:

£50,000 x 230% Expenditure Enhancement = £115,000

£115,000 (Enhanced Expenditure Value) x 14.5% R&D Surrender Rate = £16,675

At Green Jellyfish, our is to help businesses thrive by maximising the R&D claim value for their innovations.

R&D tax credits calculations

Will your business qualify?

So many businesses engage in innovation every day but don’t realise that this qualifies them for substantial tax relief. They wrongly assume that R&D tax credits are exclusive to lab coat companies. This simply isn’t the case, so it’s well worth checking your eligibility and calculating how much a successful claim is worth to you.

Making a successful claim:

Some businesses use their accountant to submit an R&D tax credit claim, however, R&D tax credits can be complicated, and accountants often miss claimable expenses. Our specialist team work day-in, day-out on just R&D, ensuring that the maximum possible amount is claimed.

Our specialist team know what HMRC are looking for, so we can ensure your claim is submitted accurately and successfully. We manage your claim from start to finish, dealing with HMRC on your behalf so you can relax and continue with the day-to-day running of your business.

We won’t charge you a penny for our services unless your claim is successful. We offer an all-inclusive service with no hidden charges. We can also backdate claims by two years, so you could be entitled to double refunds!

Our work speaks for itself.

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