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R&D Tax Credits in Science and Medicine

R&D Tax Credits in Science and Medication

The sector of science and medication is a goldmine for R&D tax credits. Many laboratories are trying to advance these sectors and create new processes, which in turn has made the industry of one of the highest spending on R&D per year.  

What is R&D?

Research and Development is a government scheme put into place to reward Limited Companies who are trying to advance and innovate in the UK. This doesn’t have to be as drastic as creating a Nobel Peace Prize-winning project, however. As long as you have to create the process for ‘researching’ or ‘developing’ a project, it counts as R&D. It could even be as simple as creating your own Petri dishes, for example. (However, this wouldn’t warrant a large claim.) 

Once you have an idea of what you can claim on; we look into how much the project cost you, how much time was spent, how many employees were involved, as well as other factors to put together a claim on your account. At Green Jellyfish, we have specialists who are working solely on R&D – meaning you are going to get the most money back for your claim possible!  

What qualifies for R&D in Science and Medicine?

  • Adapting pre-existing drug formulations (E.g. attempting to reduce side effects) 
  • Researching into sustainable materials 
  • Researching into and developing prototypes 
  • Developing a new CRM/Database for health professionals to use 

These are only some basic ideas of R&D. There isn’t a specific checklist of what may qualify – as long as your project (whatever it may be) carries with it an uncertainty; with you having to provide your own blueprints/work to the process, a claim could be on the cards for your company! 

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Does the project have to be complete?

To clarify, the actual project doesn’t have to be a success. If there is some kind of proof the project has gone ahead, this can still qualify. 

Our experts can let you know if your business can qualify for a claim – and with an initial enquiry being completely free we urge you to get into contact today!  


Check out our R&D tax calculator

Work out how much your claim could be worth with our easy-to-use research & development tax credits calculator. Remember we can claim up to two years so make sure you don’t miss out on your innovation fund.

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