Within the smallest companies right through to multi-national corporations, exciting developments happen every day.

However, many of those innovators don’t realise they are innovating – or that they are eligible for tax relief – so, never check to find out.

Could your business be missing out on research & development tax credit?

Our unique service could be a gamechanger for your organisation. We work as brokers between you and the numerous R&D providers out there to match your business with eligible R&D tax credit.

Our R&D tax credit team are highly-specialised and experienced in this work, so they can ensure your application is prepared correctly.

How it works

  • 1 Telephone consultation

    Telephone consultation

    One of our expert team will chat through your business and its potential R&D eligible activities. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what qualifies, we know the right questions to ask to find out.

  • 2 Preparing your information

    Preparing your information

    Following the call, we’ll pull everything you’ve given us together to show to R&D providers. Working in this area means we understand what they are looking for, so we can ensure we have everything from you that they’ll need.

  • 3 Contact R&D providers

    Contact R&D providers

    We’ll take your information to the providers on the market and find the best option for you. Our comprehensive search process means we’ll ensure you claim the maximum amount you are eligible for.

  • 4 Getting approval

    Getting approval

    Claims are typically approved within six weeks. You can choose to receive cash back from HMRC or to deduct the payment from your Corporation Tax bill, and we’ll only charge you a fee if your claim is successful.

Benefits of our R&D tax credit service:

  • We will handle all the paperwork for you

  • Get the money you're eligible for quickly and painlessly

  • Utilise our market experience to get the best provider

  • You only pay us if your application is successful

  • Enjoy an exceptional service from our expert team