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Technology trends that will shape 2023

Posted on January 18, 2023

What drives R&D? Innovation! One must first try something new to accomplish something better or solve a present issue. What other justification would there be for creating something novel or conducting further research? These are the top five technology trends you need to be aware of for 2023!

Electric Aviation

Although this technology trend has been around for a while, innovation has increased in the last year due to the industry’s need to reduce carbon emissions.

There are two primary categories of electric aircraft: hybrid and completely electric. There are electric takeoff, landing craft and the ability to convert fixed-wing aircraft! Although battery technology is improving, battery density remains a significant obstacle.

We anticipate seeing some of the smaller versions of this breakthrough approved to fly as early as 2024. Many organisations are now testing these new technologies and claiming R&D!

Artificial Intelligence

It is anticipated that AI will become more fully integrated into supporting people in their daily lives and work during the next five to 10 years.

But before conversational AI is available to everyone, significant technological obstacles must be solved. These include the availability of more powerful and affordable mobile computing devices, global connectivity, and 5G to improve communication between devices and the cloud and lower latency, resulting in more logical reaction times.

Cloud computing also needs improvement, but fortunately, this is now covered by R&D tax credits (find out more here).

Genetic Engineering

In terms of how precisely genetic engineering methods will be able to enhance everything from people’s health to food safety in the future, genetic engineering has advanced significantly in recent years, and we have just seen the “tip of the iceberg.”

This technology trend has previously been used by scientists to treat genetic abnormalities and sickle cell disease. In agriculture, scientists are developing crops that can produce more while withstanding drought. Genetic advancements come with a great deal of responsibility. Therefore, it’s crucial to develop regulation methods, consider what they want to achieve, and respect any restrictions.

Body Adapted Wearable Electronics

This technology trend is somewhat already a trend; currently, wearable technologies that can monitor your heart rate are available, exhibiting diagnostic potential that brings healthcare firmly into the house. Smart watches and health trackers are also widely available.

But what has taken place to make this acceleration possible?

Numerous advancements have been made, allowing these wearable electronics to monitor vital biomarkers like lactate, glucose, and other vital biomarkers. However, one significant development is the printing and manufacturing of flexible electronics, which enables their integration into smaller, more flexible items such as clothing.

In the future, we won’t need to purchase separate medical equipment since our daily, comfortable clothing may be able to monitor our vitals and notify medical professionals if, for instance, we are experiencing a heart attack.


This is probably the top technology trend that will shape this year! With the UK’s intermediate 2030 and final 2050 net-zero emissions objectives in mind, sustainability is a crucial innovation area. But cutting carbon emissions is just one aspect of sustainability.

However, innovation in sustainability goes beyond the now. Making technical processes, activities, and structures more eco-friendly, energy-saving, and resource-efficient is a crucial aspect of sustainability. R&D may include significantly enhancing current procedures.

Nowadays, practically every aspect of manufacturing and all industries is affected by sustainability. For instance, even if reducing carbon emissions isn’t the primary goal, it will frequently influence the creation of a product or service. Even if R&D isn’t a project’s primary goal, it qualifies as such – are you taking part in this eco-technology trend?

How Green Jellyfish can help your business

Businesses in the UK innovate in many great ways. These can be easy to spot, but at other times you may need to be made aware that you are innovating.  The correct R&D tax relief specialist can assist in identifying all eligible activities and projects and because these technology trends have saturated many industries, you may not even realise you’re eligible! Book in a no obligation phone call here!