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The Importance of Marketing During Lockdown

Posted on November 9, 2020

With the worsening of Covid-19 over the past few months, countless businesses now face all kinds of obstacles. Businesses in all industries and of all sizes across the world are now being affected.

Thousands of businesses have had to watch their sales take a nosedive this year. Sectors such as leisure and hospitality have also seen countless companies cease trading – leading some to have no option except to try and cope on their savings or by using whatever Government support they can receive.

Regardless of your industry or business type, at this current time, it is crucial that you continuously evolve your marketing and brand. This is to ensure that you remain relevant and easy for your clientele to get hold of.

You should continue to develop your marketing throughout the coronavirus pandemic because online marketing is so powerful to businesses. Although you may have stores, you can also have an online store to help your business thrive through the lockdown. As a result of lockdown, more people will be at home with less to do – meaning that they will be using online services more often to pass their time. So, in a way, these actually go hand in hand with each other.

Four Types of Online Marketing

There are numerous ways that you can push your business online – which one works for you, will depend on many factors. Four of the most effective types are listed below:

– Digital Marketing

Examples of online marketing include Google Adwords and SEO implementation to ensure your business remains in the public eye. Often, you can break down exactly who you want your content to reach by targeting warm prospects.

– Social Media Marketing

Social media provides you with the opportunity to build your brand and personality to reach customers. By posting relevant and engaging content, you can also attract new customers.

– Online Media Articles

Throughout most crises, people tend to rely more on digital media forms to provide updates and news to their clients. Now is the ideal time to branch out and pay for some advertising space, or write content for sites like these. You don’t always have to write ad-like content to advertise your business – instead, it could be an informative article for a news site, which could create just as much awareness for your company.

– Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a vital area of social media marketing which most businesses don’t utilise. It enables you to get a message across in a more interactive and useful way that is more likely to capture your audience’s attention. Throughout all areas of the web, such as social media channels, you can then link back to the video to add value to your business. Using video is a great idea because it encourages the sharing/reposting of content.

Please Don’t Ignore the Situation

To achieve all of the above, it is likely that you’ll require a marketing budget – but we urge you not to be so quick to cut your marketing spend to save money.

Instead, you should continue marketing, but make your ads relevant. Notice that most brands ads now speak about or mention the pandemic – this is because people are always conscious of what’s going on, and as much as they would like to ignore it, it just isn’t possible to forget about it entirely. By mentioning the situation, it shows you are responsive and in-touch with what’s going on in the world – which is a positive.

If customers can see that you understand their situation, they will more likely create a form of trust and spend money in return of you helping them out.


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