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Why don’t start-ups claim R&D tax relief?

Posted on July 7, 2021

R&D Tax Credits should be a go-to for many start-up companies simply because of the amount of innovation these businesses are involved in. These companies tend to always be eligible for a claim and as we know, startups are always after funding. There it makes us wonder why R&D tax relief claims are the lowest amongst these companies.

We noticed there are three main reasons for start-ups not using this helpful scheme. These reasons are: 

They have claimed other grants

Many companies think that you can’t claim R&D Tax Credits if you have recently received grants or other funding. This way of thinking is common with many start-up founders. This is unfortunate, as they are more likely to have received more funding as a result.

Receiving funding doesn’t prevent businesses from claiming R&D but, it may affect the tax benefit that you may receive.

Busy Business

Being busy is a common factor in why a business will hold off of claiming their R&D but, this is especially true for start-ups. Most founders are very busy trying to secure funding, develop their product and sell their product – plus, are doing all of this whilst being unsure if the business will even exist in a few months. For a start-up owner to take the time out of their day to work on an R&D tax claim, they will have to be sure it’s going to yield results.

The costs don’t add up

This may be the main reason for many businesses not claiming R&D tax credits. For many start-ups trying to get their company off the ground, the founder/directors will often go unpaid or are on very low salaries. deficiency of other staff salaries or subcontractors costs or raw material costs could block them from making a claim.

As start-ups begin to make money, founders will often opt to pay themselves through dividends, which can keep the eligible costs below a reasonable level for making a claim. 

How we support our start-ups

We like to help our start-up clients by helping them understand the best ways to fund their business and guide them through the implications of funding decisions. This can be invaluable in aiding their success.

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