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Why should you use a Professional when Claiming R&D?

Posted on November 26, 2020

Even if your company has qualifying expenditure, it does not mean that you should just wing it when submitting your own R&D Claims – especially when submitting a large claim.

Throughout this global pandemicthe cash injection that R&D Tax relief provides to businesses helps them to continue trading – therefore making R&D a lifeline and some peoples only option.  

The scope of Research and Development is huge, so why take the risk of claiming yourself and not maximising the potential money you could have returned to your business? 


Why should you work with a professional for your larger R&D claim? 

  1. Increased Risk 

Bigger claims tend to attract HMRC’s attention, however, don’t think this means that they don’t thoroughly inspect smaller claims. If your claim is poorly structured or has errors, it will flag up as an instant red light to HMRC. 

By using Green Jellyfish, it will reduce the risks of claiming R&D before the application even gets to HMRC. Our goal is to maximise your claim, while still meeting HMRC requirements. We know where the pitfalls are when it comes to R&D, so this helps us get you the money back that you qualify for, with less questions asked.  


  1. Maximising 

By using professionals who are experts in the field, allows you to get an optimised submission sent off on your behalf. It also means that nothing would get missed off the claim. We would also give you tips on how to collate and gather your records for future applications. 

For these reasons, it creates a justification for fees associated with using specialists – because you will still end up with more money in the long run, than if you submitted on behalf of yourselves.  


  1. Delegation 

Delegation isn’t always something which is thought about to a great degree.  

For small businesses, management tends to lack money but have lots of spare time. When the business then starts to expand, their attention gets drawn elsewhere in the business – meaning there is a potential R&D claim which isn’t being focussed on. 

Our R&D team are not only here to net you the maximum possible claim but also make the process as simple as possible – regardless of the claim size. 

Whether you have never heard of R&D Tax Credits or you claim it already, our expert team will be able to assist you by providing an unbeatable service. 


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